ReviveX® Spray-On Water Repellent


    ReviveX® Spray-On Water Repellent

    Restores original protection to outdoor fabrics, including GORE-TEX®, soft shell, and eVENT®.Ultra Durable Heat Set FormulaWorks on jackets, bibs, rain equipment, hats and more. ReviveX® Water Repellent for Outerwear will totally restore and/or create DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to any outerwear that can be washed and tumble dried. For all-season comfort, just wash, spray and tumble dry. It’s that simple. ReviveX Water Repellent is durable, non-toxic and non-flammable.

    How ReviveX® Works

    All rainwear is factory treated on the outside with a special water repellent spray called DWR (Durable Water Repellent”). Over time that treatment wears off causing outer fabrics to “wet out.” Though rain isn’t leaking all the way through the garment, it may feel and look like it is. This is beacuase “wet out” reduces breathability and creates excess interior condensation making you damp and cold. ReviveX® water repellents are unique because they bond to both the fabric and any remaining factory DWR creating the most durable water repellent finish available.

    • Specialized formula based on original coating
    • Simple to use
    • Nontoxic, water-based
    • Treats up to 2 garments


    ReviveX® Spray-On Water Repellent  is part of the McNett GEAR AID™ product range.McNett Gear Aid Logo


    1. Machine Wash: Close all zips. Wash garment in warm water without detergent. If garment is heavily soiled, wash with detergent and rinse twice.
    2. Spray: Place the garment on a hanger. Shake bottle well. Hold 15-30 cm from garment and spray exterior of garment.
    3. Tumble dry: Dry separately on medium heat for 60 minutes. Do not air dry.

    ReviveX® Spray-On Water Repellent  is part of the McNett GEAR AID™ product range.McNett Gear Aid Logo


    What is it?

    ReviveX Water Repellent is an invisible, water repellent coating.

    How it works?

    ReviveX is based on the same ingredients used in your garment’s original factory water repellent finish (also known as “DWR” for Durable Water Repellent).

    Over time the original factory DWR wears off, reducing breathability and causing condensation inside the garment.

    ReviveX is sprayed-on or soaked-in and then heat-set using a home clothing dryer. This restores the DWR and the performance of your garment.

    „I tested two garments for water repellency before treating a jacket and a pair of pants. Both were in serious need of help. The instructions were very clear and the results were greatWater droplets beaded right up on both garments. I will purchase this product in the future.– Washington

    „As an avid tournament fisherman. I was referred to your product from a friend to use on my rain suit because of the way it wasn’t repelling water as it did when it was new. All I can say is Wow! thank you! Your product is great! It brought my suit back to new condition. Saving me hundreds of dollars. I have spread it around in the fishing community as to the wonderful results of your product. Thanks once again…– Allen, aka alycat

    „Wanted to thank your Co. for making Revivex, used it a lot while in the Military and continue to use it today in the Civilian world! I heard from a fishing friend who I turned on to your product for use on his Fishing Rain Suit! He’s very pleased to say the least. Again thanks for the years this has added to my Rain Gear.“– Louis, Wisconsin



    Seam Grip® permanently repairs common pinholes and tears in your outerwear. Apply just enough Seam Grip to cover the hole and spread 1/4” (6 mm) beyond. Allow to dry level overnight. For 2-4 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240™plus before applying.




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