Seam Grip® Seam Sealer & Outdoor Repair

    Help your Tent keep the Rain Out 

    Seam Grip is amazing. It’s an award-winning repair adhesive that can keep you dry in any weather. It permanently seals the seams on your tent, pack and rainwear. It can repair rips, tears and holes in your equipment, too. It’s your all-purpose liquid tool in a tube. Seam Grip is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from McNett®. With McNett®, anyone can be a master of equipment repair. Ideal for on uncoated and polyurethane coated fabrics.


    Long considered the industry standard, Seam Grip was awarded the prestigious Editors’ Choice Gold Award from Backpacker Magazine in 2002. Use Seam Grip to repair surfaces or seal seams of natural and synthetic fabrics, waterproof laminates, leather and vinyl. Seam Grip may be used to repair all types of waders and footwear, Neoprene, PVC, rubber, and more. Concentrated and waterproof, Seam Grip offers excellent adhesion, long lasting flexibility, superior traction and abrasion resistance, with minimal shrinkage.

    • Seals the seams on tents, tarps, backpacks, rainwear
    • Permanently patches holes and repairs tears
    • Washable and unaffected by extreme cold or heat
    • One tube seals seams on an average 2-person backpacking tent

    Note: For silicone-treated tent and tarp fabrics, use SilNet™ Silicone Seam Sealer and Sil Fix Adhesive.

    The Many Uses for Seam Grip

    • Patch holes in air mattress or sleeping pad
    • Coat bottom of down booties for winter camping
    • Repair fabric holes and tears on gaiters from crampons
    • Coat seams on new hiking boots
    • Reduce slippage between sleeping pad and tent floor
    • Adhere patches to fabrics
    • Seam seal embroidery
    • Repair convertible tops


    Seam Grip® is part of the McNett GEAR AID™ product range.McNett Gear Aid Logo


     Please Note:
    To prevent Seam Grip, Aquasure and Freesole from hardening in the tube please follow the Instruction for use.

    NOTE: Wear gloves during application to avoid getting on your skin.

    Seam Sealing

    PREP: Clean seams on used material with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or McNett  Cotol-240™plus Cleaner & Cure Accelerator.

    APPLY: Apply a thin film of Seam Grip to inside of the seam (one coat).

    DRY: Let dry overnight (approximately 8-12 hours—may be longer in low humidity). For 2-4 hour dry time, mix small batches of Seam Grip with Cotol-240™plus. Apply with brush.

    CLEAN UP:  Uncured Seam Grip can be partially removed with a coarse cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. For easiest clean up wear disposable rubber gloves. Seam Grip will dry (cure) and flake off hands. Washing hands in soap and water will accelerate curing.

    STORAGE: Advance contents to tube neck and replace original cap securely. Store partially used tube in freezer.


    How To Prevent Seam Grip, Aquasure and Freesole from Hardening in the Tube.

    Seam Grip, Freesole and Aquasure are moisture-cure adhesives. As soon as you pop the top on the tube and expose the adhesive to the moisture in the air, the countdown begins. Unfortunately, you are unable to stop the curing process, but you can slow it down by storing the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. We typically recommend storing as follows:

    Begin by advancing the contents to the tube neck to remove any air that may be trapped in the tube. Next wipe the tube threads clean to prevent the cap from sticking. Next, cap tightly. Next, place the adhesive in a plastic zip-lock bag. Next, store the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. When ready to use, run the tube under warm water for about a minute.

    While this will not stop the adhesive from curing, it will help slow things down.

    We give an un-opened tube of adhesive a two-year shelf life. The „batch-number“  will be crimped into the bottom of the tube. The adhesive is typically good for two years past the date of filling.


    Special Applications & Tips Adhesive Applications

    Roughen and clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol. Apply Seam Grip to both surfaces. Allow to dry (cure) 15 minutes, then join (clamp or tape) surfaces together overnight.


    Tent Seam Sealing

    Perimeter seams on ‘seam taped’ tents are often not factory sealed and require sealing. Apply a thin film of Seam Grip to inside floor seams (fig.1). Allow to dry (cure) overnight. A slight surface tack is normal and will dissipate with tent use. Use Seam Grip to seal areas that regularly leak, such as stake-out points at corners (fig. 2). To seal the seams on your rainfly, set it up inside-out for easier application. Attach the rainfly to the tent so all seams are taut (fig. 3).



    How to apply seam sealer to different seam types:


    Tear & Hole Repairs

    Apply just enough Seam Grip to cover the hole and spread ca. 6 mm beyond. Allow to dry (cure) level overnight. For 2-4 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240™plus before applying. (fig. 4)


    Seam Tape Tip

    If a small section has peeled use Seam Grip to re-attach it (fig. 5). If the tape seems to be failing everywhere, remove and discard it, then clean the seams with Cotol-240™plus or isopropyl alcohol and re-seal with Seam Grip.



    Seam Grip can be diluted with Cotol-240 plus or Xylene. Mixing with Xylene will only dilute the adhesive. Xylene will not provide a faster cure time.

    Seam Grip is a moisture cured adhesive, meaning the more moisture present, the quicker it dries.

    When applied to clothing and cured, our adhesives are permanent and cannot be removed

    You can color Seam Grip using Ceramic pigment found at most craft stores. Just mix it directly into the Seam Grip.

    Once cured Seam Grip is inert.

    Seam Grip will flake away naturally off your hands in a few days. You can help this process somewhat by washing your hands with soap and water and using a disposable shop rag to remove as much of the adhesive as possible. We do not recommend using any type of solvent on your skin.


    Technical Product Details

    • Urethane-based adhesive for flexible elastic, long-lasting repairs.
    • The thinnest viscosity urethane-based adhesive from Gear Aid.
    • Ideal for uncoated and polyurethane coated fabrics.
    • Seals the seams on tents, tarps, backpacks, rainwear, boots and more.
    • Permanently patches holes and repairs tears.
    • Washable and unaffected by extreme cold or heat.
    • 28 g. tube seals seams about 366 cm (ca. 6 mm wide bead) – on average this is the critical seams of a 2-person backpacking tent.
    • With Cotol-240™plus Cure Accelerator added, 28 ml tube seal seams about 730 cm.
    • 8-12 hour cure time – only 2-4 hours when used with Cotol-240 plus.
    • When applied, Seam Grip cures by reacting with the humidity in the air. It doesn’t ‚dry‘ the way other glues do.

    Made in the EU.

    Note: For silicone-treated tent and tarp fabrics, such as Silnylon, use SilNet™ Silicone Seam Sealer and Sil Fix™ Adhesive (More info about silicone treatments here:

    Also available in 250 ml tubes.


    „One application of this stuff has kept a 10-year old tent perma-dry. Has also worked as a quick-fix on fabric tears and boot soles. Is much more durable than similar products I’ve used.“- Jeff


    „Great product. Used it to seal up my sleeping pad and it worked great.“-Chris, Greensboro, NC


    „I wish I’d had this when we ripped a hole in our rain fly…instead we had to use superglue to attach the duct tape on opposite sides, fun times! I’ll just have to remember to shop MJ before we go camping again, that or not poke the stakes through the tent… “ -Katie, Keani, AK


    „I bought this, just in case, before a 5 day canoe trip. One of my older dry bags started to pull apart just a little at the seam. I put on some Seam Grip and had no further problems with the bag. Of course I treated it very gently! „– Matthew, Chicago, IL



    Additional User Comments:

    Users are always impressed at the extreme toughness and waterproofness of seams sealed with Seam Grip

    We have had users make tents and tarps without stitching by simply bonding all the seams with Seam Grip. The results have been incredibly strong, waterproof shelters

    Many users have commented that “factory seam tapes last a certain number of years, but Seam Grip lasts forever.”

    Users have sealed seams on tents, packs, outerwear, boots and much more.

    Seam Grip is also heavily used to patch holes in tents, packs, clothing and other gear using the ‘plastic tape backing method’ (see diagram under the instruction tab)

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    Silicone Treated Fabrics

    If you have a tent, tarp or pack made from silicone coated fabric, seal with SilNet™. SilNet is the only seam sealer that will bond to silicone treated fabric.




    Figure3_160x160Tent Stake-out tip

    The Trucker’s Hitch is one of the easiest methods to tension guy lines. Set up as illustrated above. Create the upper loop by using an overhand on a bight or a slip knot. Tie off with a looped half hitch which is easy to untie and adjust.


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