Tenacious Tape™ Reflective Fabric Tape

    Don’t go unnoticed. When you need to increase visibility and decrease risk reach for Tenacious Tape™ Reflective Fabric Tape by Gear Aid®.

    Tenacious Tape Reflective Tape utilizes glass bead reflective technology to reflect light better than any coloured or fluorescent tape. Apply it on clothing, backpacks, footwear, bikes, vehicles or pet accessories etc. The ultra-aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface without peeling and the durable and waterproof fabric performs in both wet and dry conditions.

    Offering enhanced visibility and safety at night or in low-light conditions, Tenacious Reflective Fabric Tape meets ANSI/ISEA 107 standard for high-visibility safety apparel as required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

    • Enhances visibility and safety
    • Easy to apply (peel and stick)
    • Aggressive adhesive sticks to almost anything
    • Clean adhesive technology won’t leave a sticky residue if removed
    • Safety marking for clothing, backpacks, footwear, bikes, vehicles or pet accessories, etc.
    • Includes 50 cm x 7,5 cm strip
    • Customizable; grid backing allows for straight lines
    • Performs well in both wet and dry conditions
    • Machine washable
    • Waterproof, weatherproof and durable
    • Flexible tape conforms to shapes and corners without peeling or lifting
    • Smooth and lightweight fabric

    Tenacious Tape Reflective Tape is best applied to the following material types:

    • Nylon
    • Polyester
    • Vinyl
    • Canvas
    • Rubber
    • Bicast Leather (PU Leather)
    • Non-Oiled Leather
    • Neoprene
    • Vinyl Plastic (PVC)
    • TPU
    • EVA Plastic
    • PET Plastic
    • OPP Plastic
    • CORDURA®
    • Sunbrella®
    • Metal
    • Steel
    • Tin
    • Aluminum


    Clean and dry area to be repaired. Trim loose threads. Join torn edges of material. Cut tape to appropriate size. Round edges of tape. Remove paper backing and apply tape. After applying, rub tape with pressure using circular motion from centre out. Item may be used immediately. Adhesive reaches full strength in 24 hours.

    Storage and care

    Store in plastic bag. Tape is washable. Do not dry clean.












    Seam Grip® permanently repairs common pinholes and tears in your outerwear. Apply just enough Seam Grip to cover the hole and spread 1/4” (6 mm) beyond. Allow to dry level overnight. For 2-4 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240™plus before applying.



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